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Are you purchasing a home or would you like some professional advice before selling? Leverage the specialized training and experience of Apex Home Inspections to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.




Apex provides an impartial, thorough property inspection service with detailed comments, pictures and a customized written report with full colour photos. We will review every major component of the home with you. Each inspection includes a remote image capturing service via an Aerial Drone (Weather dependent)  and the use of a Thermal Infrared Camera as part of our value added customer service.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

A home inspection prior to purchasing gives you some of the most important information you need to protect your family and investment. Not understanding the true condition of your home can cost you thousands of dollars, not to mention countless hours of your time and worry. An inspection can uncover major defects or provide you with a clear picture of needed maintenance. It makes sense to have an independent review done on your behalf so you have the whole story.



Pre-Listing Home Inspection


Pre-Listing inspections make your home easier and faster to sell. An inspection can prevent surprises from becoming an issue at closing time and provide prospective buyers with an atmosphere of good faith and confidence. By knowing about problems in advance, you can then decide if you wish to fix the problem or disclose it to the buyer.




''Open House''Home Inspection

With today's competitive market, we realize your need to make immediate buying decisions. To accomodate this, we will accompany you through an "Open House" inspection. Apex will discuss the findings and advise on the quality of the home.


Note: the "Open House" Inspection is not as thorough as a regular inspection, but does focus on critical components which may affect your purchase decision.

Infrared Inspection "Thermography"

Infrared inspections help identify temperature differences, making it possible to detect a wide array of potential problems:

  -Heat Loss

  -Plumping Clogs

  -Water Penetration or Leaks

  -Overloaded Electrical Circuits

  -Pests, Insect Infestations

  -Missing Insulation

  -Structural Concerns

  -Foundation Problem

  -Leaky Windows and Doors










infrared thermal inspection
Infrared inspection
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