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What is a home inspector?

A home inspector is a highly qualified professional who serves as your technical advisor.  He can detect potential problems that can help a home buyer make an informed decision and avoid mistakes and unexpected expenses.  A home inspector looks beyond the pretty paint and looks for hidden problems that may become a concern. Apex Home Inspections follows the Internachi Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.



What does a home inspector look at?

A home inspector visually inspects all major building components of a home, such as structure, exterior, roof, heating, plumbing, electrical, insulation and interior.  We are trying to find any major existing problems with your chosen home so that you can make an informed decision as a buyer.


When do I need to call a home inspector?

A home inspector is part of a smart and thorough real estate transaction.  He is usually contacted right after the purchase agreement has been signed.  However, before you sign, make sure that there is an inspection clause in the contract.


Does a home inspection reveal any safety concerns?

A qualified home inspector will point out any potential hazards and safety concerns during the process of the inspection, such as health & fire hazards.


What are the most common problems you find during a home inspection?


  •  Drainage issues such as reverse grading that can lead to moisture and or flooding in the basement.

  •  Roofing issues such as deteriorated roofs and clogged gutters that can lead to expensive water damage.

  •  Electrical problems such as overloaded circuits and unsafe wiring that could lead to a potential fire or injury.

  •  Plumbing issues such as leaks and worn piping that can lead to water damage inside the house.

  •  Moisture issues due to insufficient ventilation and non sufficient insulation that can lead to a health hazard such as mould growth.

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